What is In Motion Dance?


In Motion Dance teach an adaptable slotted partner dance that has its roots in many different styles but has the look of west coast swing without the hard footwork. It is very easy to learn and can be danced to a very wide variety of music, making it a popular partner dance.


Do I need a partner?


No. Many people come along on their own or with friends. During the classes, we change partners frequently so that you meet everyone and get to dance with people with different styles and amounts of experience.


What should I wear?


Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. You are likely to get warm so layers are a good idea. The most important thing is that you wear shoes that will turn and spin easily on a wooden floor and that are comfortable and secure on your feet.


Do I need to book in advance?


No. You can just turn up on your first night. It is best to arrive about 7.50pm so that you can get a drink and have time to settle in before the first class.



Do we have to stay all night?


You are free to come and leave at any time. If you are a beginner, it is very beneficial to stay for the beginner recap class which runs between the two classes and usually finished by 9.15pm


I can’t make it every week. Does it matter?


No. It is not a set course and we teach different moves each week which are repeated over time.


Do you need to be fit and healthy?


Slotted Jive is a gentle form of exercise and, ‘if you can walk, you can Dance. If you have any medical issues that you have concerns about, please get in touch and we will be happy to advise you.



Exciting, easy to learn slotted partner dance, Fusion of Modern Jive & West Coast Swing without the hard footwork and can be danced to most types of music, making it really flexible for most abilities.

There’s no need to bring a partner as we partner people up at the beginning of the class and then rotate partners every few minutes – so you’ll get to meet lots of new people and it also means that when you want to dance you’ll be able to find a friendly face from the class to dance with when the freestyle starts. Please do participate in the classes and the moving round – as a beginner you may be tempted to want to stay with a friend that you came with, but if they are a beginner too, dancing solely with each other, will hinder your progression. This is because there are people of all levels of ability in the beginner’s class and dancing with as many people as possible will give you a better understanding of the lead and follow aspect of the dance. And there really is no age restriction – In Motion dancers come from all walks of life and we have people as young as 18 and as old as 80 learning to dance, but probably the average age range are 25-55.

Class nights are easy to follow without the need for a set course so no long term commitment or the worry about missing a class.

In Motion Dance bring dancers from all over somerset including Clevedon, Nailsea, Weston Super Mare, Burham, Bridgwater area with easy access to the M5.

If your looking for dance classes near WSM, Clevedon and Bridgwater area, we offer more than just a class night, there's a very important social side making a great way to meet and make new friends with other people who have the same interest in dance and fitness both physically and mentally.

Dance Class nights are built in a way that you dont need to come with a partner making it suitable for Singles and Couples, anyone over 16 can attend a class night.

Here at In Motion Dance we are truly passionate about what we do - from the teaching to the music and even to the selection of our Team who help run the evenings, we are constantly striving for perfection. This is our business and we never lose sight of the fact that it can only be successful if our customers are happy - and the only way we can do that is to listen to our customers and to constantly improve our business.


If you're looking for Adult Dance Class Lessons in WSM, Clevedon, Bridgwater and Taunton, in fact anywhere in North Somerset, check out our Venues, all close to the M5

we will consider younger dancers if they come with an adult.

Class evenings are broken down into 2 classes and a NEW Pre-Class


Pre-Class.. 7.45pm - 8pm approx, covering Basics with a rotating 4 week program to help with important parts of the Foundation Classes. These are Free and suitable for all new dancers and anyone who wants to improve their basics.


Beginner/Foundation Class are built around set routines and moves that rotate each week which includes some of the classic moves, taught at Modern Jive classes and some simple slot moves taught at West Coast Swing but less footwork, this helps retention, making learning much easier and quicker.

Intermediate Class are built around mainly Slotted style moves that look more like West Coast Swing without the hard footwork, which looks fantastic. Routines are creative, modern, fun and exciting. the Intermediate class has almost unlimited moves so your not going to get bored.

Normal Class nights cost £7 for the whole 3 hours so its great value, plus we offer discount packages for new and regular dancers.

All Class nights have video support to aid your learning

Come along to any of our Class nights at Taunton, Bridgwater or

Weston Super Mare in Somerset.

You don't need to book just turn up on the night.

In Motion Dance classes Weston, Bristol and surounding areas.


For the general classes people normally come casually dressed (people get a little more dressed up for the regular Social Dances) and it’s important that you try and wear footwear that is comfortable, but that also has a leather or suede sole. This is because there are a lot of turns and movement in the dance and if you wear rubber soled shoes like trainers your feet will stick to the floor! This will hinder your dancing and potentially damage your knees – so think footwear first and foremost. To begin with do the best you can and if you get hooked by the dancing bug, as many people do, you can buy specialist dance footwear very easily and relatively cheaply.


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